3 Things to Avoid if You Intend to File a Cosmetic Injury Claim

It is possible for you to get compensation if you have suffered injuries after heading to a salon or beauty clinic. They are responsible for making you look better and not for making you suffer injuries.

There are legal experts like those at joanneduplessis.com who can help you in this fight. They will tell you what you can do to win. They also know how to deal with different companies, regardless of their size.

Aside from the skills of the legal experts helping you out, your cooperation is also badly needed. The success or failure of this endeavour depends on your ability to do the right thing.

There are actions you need to avoid to strengthen your stand in this legal battle. Here are some of them.

  1. Avoid saying anything

After suffering from a beauty injury, you might be in excruciating pain. You might be tempted to lash out at the people who have done it to you. A part of you wants to rant and just tell everyone how you feel. This does not help. No matter how painful it is, leave. After you take photos of the evidence, there is nothing left to do there. They might attempt to apologise to make you feel better. Never accept their apologies. They might be used against you. Most of all, don’t be tempted to hurt anyone just because you are in extreme pain. Instead of being the victim, you could turn out to be the perpetrator.

  1. Never talk to their lawyers

Some companies have a strong legal team and they have lots of tricks up their sleeves. Others might be used to the idea of defending the company from injury claims. If they set up an appointment to speak with you, just say no. They might tell you the nicest words and speak with you in the calmest possible manner, but it won’t help. They will just intimidate you in the end if you don’t agree to their offer. Don’t feel bad that the other party has a strong legal team. You can have one as well. Just don’t worry about the cost.

  1. Say no to a settlement offer

You might think that this amount is already good enough to help you cover the costs. Don’t be tempted at all. It is just a very small amount. If you decide to sue them and continue this fight, you could end up with an even bigger offer. Besides, once you accept the offer, you will be asked to sign a waiver, asking you to give up your claim and silencing you in this case.

Be smart and do the right thing. You can win the battle if you are firm and you cooperate with your lawyers.