Becoming a Weekend Warrior

It has come to me late in life but we all knew that it was going to come. When you work a normal 9-5 job in the week, you tend to lose the ability to do anything else during this time. Evenings become more recovery time than actual enjoyment and it soon becomes clear that you are not going to get anything productive achieved.

When you have to write the week days off, the only thing left for you to do is to join the brigade of weekend warriors. I jumped in with both feet and have fully committed to the feeling.

Come the very early hours of Saturday morning, I am wide awake, laying in bed waiting for the clock to tick over to set my alarm off. I do not think that I should be out of bed before an almost normal hour, but I’m keen to get up this morning.

I lay in bed until the clock finally reaches six and I think I can creep out of bed and not disturb the rest of the house. I’m out in the garden and straight into the weeds. I’m not a fan of weeding or of working in the flower beds, but I know that it is something I can do at this early hour. The lawn mower has to wait until ten and most people in the street have had their lie-ins.

I can paint the trellis on the side of the house. I can clean the patio and prune the hedge. Nothing I have achieved before nine have involved any power tools and I’ve kept it quiet. Then at nine I know I can jump in the car and head off to the garden centre.

It is here that I really embrace the weekend warrior attitude. You see them all over the place, they are badly dressed and covered in mud and garden debris. They rush through the food section and away from the gift cards, their attention is purely on the fertiliser and new seeds. It might be distracted temporarily by the look of a new trowel but mainly they are single minded.

We don’t really even notice each other, as we know how to maximise our weekends and that does not involve stopping to talk to anyone else. If we need technical support or a question answered, we know a website which has the perfect answer every time and we trust it for both it’s speed and accuracy.

We weekend warriors are capable of having completed a full day’s work before the mere human has even emerged from their beds. It is not a name I thought I would ever have been proud to have been associated with, but I am now proud to be a weekend warrior. I am proud to be able to cram so much into such a small space of my week.

I hope I don’t retire too soon, or else I will run out of garden to work on.