The Best Interior Design Tricks For Small Homes And Apartments

According to The Guardian, the number of flat sharers in their 40s has risen dramatically of late.  Those of us with small homes but a yearning for a pleasant, personalised living space might feel restricted, but here are some tips and tricks for maximising the design potential of your mini abode.     

Light, bright colours

Darker shades can be cosy but can make a small space seem more cramped and claustrophobic.  To create a brighter, airier feel, choose lighter tones such as whites or off-whites, light blues, greens or slates (ocean tones) or pale yellows.  Paint your walls in these colours to ‘open up’ your living space.


Mirrors are great for giving the illusion of space.  A carefully-placed large mirror can make a tiny apartment seem twice as large.  Instead of a few pictures, try enhancing the wall of a bedroom or living room with a large mirror, with a thin, inconspicuous frame, so that it seems to blend with the wall.  A three-part folding mirror on a bedroom dressing table not only helps in your morning routine but also reflects the room from various angles, opening space out into infinity!

Large glass doors

If you’re in a ground floor flat or small house with a yard, patio doors can offer a sense of continuity between the inside and the out.  Aluminium bifold doors such as those provided by Bifold Shop are a great option, as they’re sleek and modern looking, and their minimal but robust frames offer top-notch security without detracting from the beautiful expanse of glass.  They let in lots of natural light, too, to brighten dark corners, make rooms seem larger, and lift your mood.



As well as natural light, artificial light can make a big difference to a small living space.  Brighter is better, so identify any dark and gloomy corners that might make your rooms seem ‘closed in’ and place some light sources.  Standard lamps can provide clutter, so consider wall lamps or ceiling-fitted lights instead.  Choose light coloured shades, to display the full wattage of your bulbs.  LED lit accessories can provide great pinpoints of light, too.


Accessories can add a personal element to your living space, but too many can make rooms seem less spacious.  To free up space, think minimalist.  Remove unnecessary knick-knacks and opt for just a few distinctive pieces.  Make sure the size of your furniture is proportional to the space available.  A huge corner sofa in a tiny room will look out of place, but a stylish two-seater might be perfect.

Space-saving hacks

We’re living in the age of Internet ‘life hacks’, and there are many out there that can save you lots of living space.  The Huffington Post suggests cleverly-hidden kitchen hooks, re-purposing of Mason jars and a funky DIY roll away storage unit that slides down the side of your fridge.  So get out the sticky-back plastic, put on your creative hat, and take on a mini project to enhance the look and function of your home.