Healthy Eating to Manage High Cholesterol

Your diet plays a key role in how high or low your cholesterol is. Certain foods can cause your cholesterol to drop or create changes in the body that affect how quickly your blood flows and how efficiently your blood can circulate throughout your body.

Eat More Fish

Substituting red meat for fish two to four times a week can have a positive impact on cholesterol levels. This will help reduce your overall intake of saturated fats, while increasing your intake of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. It’s important to be careful what kinds of fish you eat, as some contain higher levels of mercury which increases the risk of heart disease. Fish such as wild salmon and tuna are best to focus on.

Your Summer Healthy BBQ Tips and Tricks

With summer finally upon us, everyone’s looking forward to getting to show off their hard work in the gym (and the kitchen). However, with the warm weather, the parties and the barbeques in full swing, it can be easy to undo all that hard work. Well fear not, as you can still kick back and enjoy yourself this summer, all whilst looking great, and feeling better! We’ve got this incredible Healthy BBQ Guide courtesy of the folks over at Discount Supplements to keep you on track this summer. Whether you feel like getting your gains in with protein bars, chicken breasts or even cocktails, we’ve got you covered this season!