How Much is Data Recovery?

Thanks to modern technological innovations and more than four decades of experience, the technicians at Data Recovery Specialists are pleased to offer our restoration services if you have lost important information or in the event that an operating system has been corrupted. One of the most important (and understandable) questions in regards to our services involves how much this type of process costs. Let us take a quick look at how we calculate the price of the recovery as well as how the individual assessment process works.

Preparations You Need to Do for a CT Scan

Not everyone wants to have a CT scan. It is painless, but it could be scary for some. The idea of being inside this huge device while alone is something that scares a lot of people. However, a CT scan is important. Your doctor will give you the right diagnosis after checking the results of the CT scan. Your doctor will also know if it is appropriate to have surgery. If yes, the specific areas to be operated on can also be easily detected with the help of the results. Given its importance, you have no choice but to just prepare yourself for the CT scan.

What is RAID

If you have been anywhere near the IT office at work or if you have looked into storing large volumes of data, you might have come across the term RAID. People who know band it about regularly and assume that every one else knows exactly what they are going on about.

You might even have joined in, attempting to cover up your lack of knowledge or not wanting to appear out of the loop. But now is the time to step up and know what all those people have been banging on about.

RAID first hit the mainstream conscience of the IT world back in the late 1980’s. It was proposed as a cheaper way of storing data. The idea was pretty simple, to put a lot of cheap disks together instead of having to buy one very expensive large disk.

Things You Can Do To In Your Down Time

Most of us work relentlessly to try and earn enough money to have a good life and have the ability to do nothing later in life. Stepping down from the treadmill of life, after all you knew how to do is being busy with kids, work, home, friends and not having that free time to yourself, is daunting to some of us and could after a while become boring. 

How To Securely Erase A Hard Drive

People are increasingly storing more and more of their lives on hard drives, SD cards, mobile phones and tablets. Whether it’s family photos, financial and bank details or identification scans, most of our drives contain data that we don’t want to get out there. If you’re getting a new hard drive, it can be tempting to delete everything on the old one, and then sell it. But unless you securely erase it, your files may still be accessible, meaning an old drive can be a goldmine for cyber criminals. Simply performing a standard format will not do. So how do you ensure nobody can access your hard drive’s data?