Why Choose Bali For Your Wedding & Honeymoon?

Tropical island wedding bliss in Bali

Most people would only dream of celebrating their wedding on a remote tropical island, seeing the crystal clear waters, hearing the gentle ocean waves and feeling sand between their toes. These wonderful dreams are reality to hundreds of romantic couples who decide to tie the knot on the stunning island of Bali each year. Bali offers limitless options to couples who want to celebrate their special day in paradise. This island stands out from many of the other Indonesian regions, it has a certain sense of peace and tranquility, everywhere you turn you see the beaming white smiles of local people, who are usually occupied with arranging beautiful Hindu offerings to the Gods. You smell the wonderful aromas of incense wafting through the air and all around you mother nature is truly alive. The island vibe is just right for wedding celebrations, so spiritual and romantic all at the same time. With such a diverse landscape, Bali offers couples many options when it comes to wedding locations.

Arranging your perfect Bali wedding

There are also a huge number of wedding packages available on the island of Bali. Once couples have selected their ideal location they can get down to the fun of choosing what type of wedding ceremony they would like. This is when the bride can really bring to life everything she has been dreaming of.  BUT, you need the right professionals to help you, for example The Seven Agency, otherwise the experience can end up being more of a nightmare than a dream. Most brides (perhaps not the grooms!) love the process of planning their wedding and seeing their ideas and inspirations become reality. The right type of wedding planner or agency can provide enough support to both bride and groom so that the process is exciting and fun for everyone. It is important to select a wedding agency that is able to relate well to the bride and that truly understands romance.

Bali is perfect for romantic honeymoons

Talking of romance, the island of Bali is also perfect for newlyweds enjoying honeymoons or simply sneaking off for some special romantic time (which all couples should do!). The island offers everything from luxury villas and hotels to beachside hammocks and tents!  Many visitors feel empowered to try new things because so many activities and experiences are more easily accessible and affordable in Bali. Couples can choose to stay in one place, enjoy some luxury and pampering whilst soaking up the sun. Or for those seeking a little more adventure, loved ones can enjoy white water rafting, trekking, waterfall hikes, scuba diving, and even yacht charters.  Bali boasts a wonderfully rich culture seeped in traditions that are fascinating to visitors. It can be beautifully romantic to explore sacred temples and absorb a culture so spiritual, it is breathtaking.

How to plan the perfect honeymoon in Bali

All of these wonderful experiences are fantastic, but you probably don’t want the hassle of individually researching, assessing, contacting and booking each element of your romantic break. Unless you love event management or holiday planning, you might be exhausted before you have even started! The easiest thing to do is to find a company that has already done all the work researching and finding the perfect vendors to deliver experiences and activities that are safe, fun and have that special romantic touch. There are a few agencies that offer honeymoon packages and romantic breaks, but I recommend The Seven Holiday with their exclusive routes and inclusions, but you can also search on the internet for honeymoon packages in Bali, it is a good starting point too.

Finding a reputable wedding and honeymoon planner

There aren’t many companies that offer wedding packages and honeymoons. The Seven Agency and The Seven Holiday are both part of The Seven Group. These guys are romance personified. They eat, sleep and breath romance not only in Bali but in many special places around the world. They are an experienced and professional company that has locally based offices as well as a strong global network where they can tap into skills and talent from many specialist teams. The Bali based teams know this beautiful island inside out and have carefully selected the most professional partners to deliver the highest quality service and experiences whether you are arranging your wedding day, or enjoying a romantic honeymoon break. These guys sure know how to make you both feel special so they are definitely worth looking up. However you decide to organise your wedding or honeymoon, Bali seldom disappoints.