A Complete Guide for Building your own Water Garden

Gardening is an integral part of the human culture and a heritage of human history. From the scenic and artsy ancient Persian and Chinese gardens to the modern day botanical gardens encased in glass domes. Gardening is an art form that is passed down to one generation after another. One of these ancient gardening art forms is the curation of Water Gardens.  However, you must be wondering what exactly is a water garden, and how does it differ from other gardens?

What is a Water Garden?

A water garden is a garden that is created for growing water plants. It usually consists of any pond, pool, or containers that can support shallow aquatic life. In a water garden, a balanced aquatic ecosystem is created that not only sustains aquatic flora but fauna as well.  Water gardens can beautify any landscape; this is the basic reason due to which many people create water gardens in their homes.

Creating your Water Garden:

Creating a water garden is easy; all you need is a container to store water and to cultivate water plants. Water gardens are easy to build because they require lesser space than the traditional gardens. There are many options while building a water garden. You can either build an indoor water garden in a large water tub or container, or you can go for an outdoor pond.

Indoor water garden:

For building an indoor water garden, all you need is a large tub or container. Paint the container dark some inside to give it a more spacious appeal. Now choose 4 or 5 potted aquatic plants for your water garden like lilies, irises, or floating lotus, hyacinth, etc. now fill your container with tap water and dip your potted plants in it use bricks for varying the heights of different plants. Now place the container wherever you want your indoor water garden is ready.  

Outdoor water garden:

If you are not short on space, then building a water garden outdoor is the best option for you. Choose a large sized stock tank and fix it in your garden by digging out the ground for about 3-inch deep. Fix the stock tank on it in such a way that the water line in the tank looks tilted. Now fill the tank with water and leave it for 3-4 days to make the chlorine evaporate. Now add some aquatic plants that you have chosen for your water garden in it. Decorate the stock tank with some pebbles and stones to make it look like a natural pond. Keep in mind to choose three types of plants for your water garden, i.e., oxygenators, marginals, and deep-water aquatic plants. Balancing the ecosystem in your pond is very important for its growth, therefore along with fancy plants like lilies use oxygenators like anacharis also. Moreover, you can also add fish to your water pond to increase its beauty.

We hope that this guide of ours will help you in creating a water garden at your home. Moreover, in order to keep your kids safe in this chaotic age, we suggest that you should install some tracking app in their phones and for the best app visit Mspy UK.