Everyone Can Benefit From Short Term Car Insurance, Here’s How

Never taken out temporary car insurance? Well, such policies have a variety of benefits and can prove the ideal solution in a variety of circumstances, read on to find out how short term car insurance could help you:   


Short term auto insurance is a particularly convenient form of auto cover, typically lasting from 1 to 28 days, providing you with the cover you need, without over the odds for insurance you don’t need.

Quick to arrange

Moreover, temporary car insurance is typically quick to arrange, giving you almost instantaneous cover. Simply make a call to an insurance broker with all your key details to hand – and you’ll soon be ready to take to the road.  

A cost effective solution

Short term insurance can also prove very cost-effective too, with policies and cover available from a very low price point. In fact, you could potentially receive cover for a day, from as little as £10.

Insurers take into account a range of factors when calculating the costs of a policy from your driving history to your experience and the purpose of your journey, so the price will vary from case to case.

Also, remember,  you can’t keep renewing temporary policies indefinitely, that’s now illegal; so if you want cover for much more than those 28 days, an annual policy would be best.  

Flexible and adaptable

However, temporary insurance is particularly flexible; being suitable in a variety of circumstances, so if you are test driving, borrowing or hiring a car for a short while, it could well prove your best course of action.

Need to add a driver?

If you’re expecting visitors, then taking out short term cover would mean they could drive your car while they’re staying with you. Moreover, temporary cover could also be the answer if you’re sharing the driving on a long journey with a friend.

Heading off on holiday?

Of course going on holiday is one of the most popular reasons for taking out a short term policy, so if you are driving a different vehicle to usual or in a different country, it could be the answer.     

Are you a classic car owner?

Moreover, if you own a classic car that you drive on rare occasions; short term insurance could also be suitable; as you could simply take out cover for the specific days you’re driving. There are insurance policies tailor-made for classic car owners, and some of these are available on a temporary basis.    

Selling a car?

Are you in the process of selling a car? If that’s the case, then look into short term cover, as it would allow you to insure your car for a few weeks. You’d avoid the bother of taking out an annual policy and then having to pay a cancellation fee.    

Buying a new car?

If you’re about to buy a new car, don’t feel obliged to take out cover through the dealership. Instead, take out short term car insurance with the help of an insurance broker; they’ll have access to a wide range of providers and policies – meaning you’re more likely to find cost-effective cover.

Need to drive a courtesy car?

Moreover, if you need to drive a courtesy car, it’s crucial that you have adequate cover, before you sit behind the wheel. Check out the insurance situation before you set off in the car and if you’re not completely confident you’re covered, take out temporary insurance yourself.  

Driving for work?

Regular car insurance doesn’t usually cover you for business travel, so short term cover could be the solution if you need to attend a conference, sales event or meet a customer for example. Moreover, if your journey includes transporting expensive equipment, take out contents insurance, as well as fully comprehensive car insurance so that you can replace any vital equipment should the need arise.     

Learning to drive?   

If you’re taking driving lessons, you’ll be insured when you’re behind the wheel of your instructor’s car, but not if you are practicing in a friend’s or parent’s car. So, taking out temporary car insurance could be the solution, in fact, some insurance providers now specifically offer a learner driver’s policy.

Need insurance for a young driver?

Temporary car insurance can also be of benefit to young drivers, for instance, if they are home for the summer, moving, setting off for university or simply going away for a few days.  

Meet your obligations

By taking out short term cover, you can be assured that you are meeting your legal obligations when it comes to car insurance. Don’t rely on someone else to say it’s all right for you to drive their car under their policy – take out cover yourself to be sure.    

Providing you with peace of mind

Temporary car insurance will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the correct and sufficient cover. Remember, it’s illegal to drive in an uninsured car. In fact, the police could even seize and destroy an uninsured vehicle.        

However, when it comes to driving, it’s not just about a car being insured, it’s about you being correctly insured to drive it. If you’re are not, you could face a huge fine, have six penalty points put on your licence and or even be disqualified from driving.

Additional benefits

Though all policies and providers differ in some respects, you’ll find some temporary car insurance cover comes with additional benefits such as legal assistance, breakdown cover and even handbag or mobile phone cover. So the benefits go on and on.   

Your car insurance

Short term car insurance can even help you to find the right annual cover. Remember, you can’t keep renewing temporary car insurance, but it can give you breathing space while you look around for the right annual policy – helping you to find the right deal at the best price.

So as you can see temporary car insurance has many advantages and it’s suitable in a variety of circumstances.