Find Your Local Food Festival

Here’s my advice to you and it is free to everyone who feels like listening.

Go out this weekend and find your local food festival, farmer’s market or just a local vendor offering handmade and carefully produced products.

Become a weekend foodie. There is nothing wrong with hunting around and finding your favourite new supplier of jerky or fudge.

It is a time to get out of the house and away from the computer. It is a chance to turn the phone on silent and to avoid the work emails. It is just a time for you to walk around and explore the world once more.

You can invariably find one every weekend in your own local area. There will be a farmers market somewhere very close to you and the level of food at these is always sublime. Imagine taking the pig straight from the field and producing the sausages within a stone throw of where the animals used to live. There just isn’t the time for all the goodness stored in the meet to leave.

The lack of industrial processing, the lack of hours and days spent in refrigerated lorries and the preservatives injected into the processed sausages all have an effect on the meat. It will not taste as pure or as flavourful as their handmade alternatives. Plus not only will they be healthier for you, but you know exactly where your money is going and you are clearly supporting local, British, farmers.

Then there are the other part-time traders who just show up for the love of what they do. They will make artisan truffles, breads, fudge, jerky, or some kind of vegan alternative. They are not setting up their market stall in the dark, cold and probably wet hours of the early morning because they think that they will be making their millions today.

They are there to share the love they have for what they do. You can literally taste the care and affection they have for their products when you try a sample of it. They are there to talk to you about the fudge, to let you know how to make your own and they create the backbone of the food market.

They will know everyone there mainly because they like to chat and show off their wares. It doesn’t take much to make their day, just sampling their delights and expressing your surprise at the punch and power of such beautiful flavours.

It doesn’t take much to leave the house and to head down to the local car park, where traders will have set up their stalls. It gives you a great break from the grind of your everyday life!