Garden Arrangement and Tips for Making the Most of It

With our window of the really good summer weather opening and closing pretty quickly. So here are five tips for making the most of your garden easily. We work hard all week and this is our time to relax and enjoy our time off.

The garden is the perfect place for this and can be your own personal oasis in a stormy sea of busy modern life. Using our five tips can help you to make the most of every aspect of your garden.


1. Have a seating area

We’re not kids anymore and a blanket or even a towel on the grass just is not going to cut it. A nice set of really comfortable chairs or all-weather recliners is a great investment. We know they won’t be pocket change, but the value of a nice chair to sink into on a sunny summer afternoon can not be underestimated.

2. Plan for the BBQ

There is no way that anyone, even the weather forecasters, can predict with absolute certainty when it will be nice enough for a weekend BBQ. Being British, the only option we have is to plan and wait for it. Get the BBQ ready, give it a spring clean and have charcoal in the garage, so you are always ready. Having a couple of packs of sausages, burgers or even steaks in the freezer will ensure that you are never caught out by surprise.


3. Plant the right plants

Having a walk through the garden centre and spotting plants you think would look pretty in your garden is one strategy to creating your ideal garden. On the other hand, you can study the soil, the positioning of the sun and the type of drainage your garden has and then plan for the plants. There’s no point in planting anything which will suffer and wilt within days.

growing plants

4. Enjoy the grass

There is nothing more British than the image of the country village and a grassy garden. The lawn stretching out for the entire length of the plot and beyond the boundaries. It sums up the British country life in one single image. It is a quality about our gardens which we should embrace. Ignore the trend of decking over it and putting a patio to the end wall, let the grass grow and embrace it.

5. Buy a garden gazebo

The British summer is notoriously fickle, one minute the sun is burning everything in sight and the next we have a month’s worth of rain in ten minutes. There is just no real ability to plan for the hot weather, that is what makes a gazebo a vital part of your garden furniture. IT removes the worry of rain and allows you to enjoy your garden all year around.

garden gazebo

Our gardens should be a space of calm in our all too hectic days, these five tips should help you to achieve this.