Is Higher Education Suitable For Your Child?

One of the most vital aspects of your child’s development as they grow up is their education. Within the whole sector, a lot of focus can be placed on their learning when younger at primary or secondary school. It is just as important, however, to think about the subject of higher education for your child and plan for their continued education as they grow older.

Higher education is education offered by institutions such as universities that confer academic degrees on successful completion of relevant courses. It is the next step in your child’s journey from completing A levels at college or other equivalent qualifications after secondary school to make them eligible for admission. Typically, students will enter higher education at the age of 18 and complete a three or four-year course before leaving. The range of courses available to study differs between various institutions, but across the whole sector, there is a good choice.

When considering if higher education is a suitable choice for your offspring, it is handy for you to be fully aware of the many benefits that it can bring.

Graduate salaries

One of the biggest advantages to your child entering higher education is the effect that it has on their potential salary when moving into employment afterwards. As reported in the Telegraph, it is thought that graduates within the UK typically earn up to £12,000 per year more than people without a degree. This adds up to a huge amount over their working life and can naturally mean that they have more money for security and for leading a full, happy life. Among the many graduate jobs that boast the most impressive salaries are civil engineer, computer science and mechanical engineering.

Increased job prospects

Another superb bonus of higher education is the increased job prospects for your child. Jobs such as those above that offer the best salaries usually require a degree of a certain level to be eligible to apply for. Many other careers such as dentist, doctor or lawyer need your child to complete the required specific higher education training to be able to move into those roles. Without higher education, your child’s career prospects are greatly reduced, especially if they have a certain career in mind that demands specialist training to fulfil.

Social skills development

Although it is tempting to focus on just the academic aspect of higher education, it is key to consider the personal development that it will bring your child. Most will choose to live away from the family home when studying and this gives them the chance to fend for themselves and prepare for adult life. In addition, it allows them to develop their people skills as they make new friends and discover how to deal with different types of people.

During the course of their studies, most will have to engage in some form of teamwork – usually by collaborating on an assignment as part of a group. This gives them key employability skills of working with people toward a common goal, which is crucial for when they move into the workplace. In terms of work, the experience that they get at university of networking with new people will stand them in good stead when looking for employment after leaving. Very often, connections made while in higher education will be the key to succeeding in later life.

Life experience  

Along with the development of personal skills, the life experience that higher education offers is simply amazing. Whether it is trips to foreign countries as part of their course or going to their first festival with friends on campus, the many things that they can do will give them great memories. All these various experiences will help mould them into the best person they can be and help them to become a fully rounded adult by the time they leave.

Key to getting the best experience, both personal and academic, is to go to a top-class university. Bolton University and others in the same mould offer the chance for your child to gain a recognised academic qualification in a safe, fun and supportive environment. By choosing the right university, you will make sure that your child makes the most of their higher education opportunity.

Higher education has many benefits for your child

If you are thinking of whether to send your child into higher education, then hopefully the points that we have looked at will help. Whether it is the increased career prospects, salary or personal development that will be most beneficial for your child, they will be sure to enjoy it. It will bring them value not only at the time that they study but also for many years afterwards