Could You Be House Hopping Your Way Around the World?

There has been a rise in housesitting opportunities across the world recently, with many websites dedicated to connecting the perfect match of empty home and willing sitter. Some offer a space to stay whilst owners travel, and others look for opportunities to trade with another.

Whilst it obviously carries its own risks, trusting a stranger within your property or being responsible for someone else’s home, you could also reap the benefits. Trading with another in America or Singapore could give you the chance to see the world for just the price of the airfare.

Why Should I Try House Sitting?

You may not want to offer you own property in to the mix, but hopping home from home allows you to see the real destination you have arrived in, not just the shiny interior and surroundings of a perfectly placed hotel.

House swapping or house sitting works well for families, especially those on a shoestring budget. Travelling with children can be an expensive and difficult process, but if you stay the home of another family, you may be able to also borrow beakers, toys, the washing machine and many other home comforts to make your trip more comfortable and easier to manage.

Things to Consider When Housesitting

  • Many house owners leave their pets behind, so check to see if they require you to look after them during your stay
  • Treat the house you are staying in with respect, keep it clean and tidy.
  • Make sure you secure the property and look after the house key! If the worst happens and you misplace it, be sure to contact a local emergency locksmith ASAP
  • Collect emergency contact details from your host before you set off

Remember, it is not always just a free holiday, some owners expect you to undertake some chores in exchange for your stay – even if it is just watering the plants!

So, providing you don’t take an unnecessary risks during your housesitting adventure, it may just be worth a try.