Is Any Family Normal?

We were walking around the garden centre at the weekend, we had gone to try and buy a plant which won’t just wither up and die in our garden. It has been a challenge ever since I took over the bulk of the gardening work. Watering has never been high on my priority list when a plant can’t find it in itself to drink from the ground, then I just don’t think that it was designed to live in my back garden.

As we walked through the over-priced novelty items in the reception area of the garden centre and I managed to persuade my better half that I really needed some handmade fudge right now, we spotted a sign which has probably been there for years, just that we hadn’t noticed it before. You will undoubtedly have seen one in your local garden centre or any kind of gift shop.

The sign simply said ‘Remember that as far as anyone else knows, we are normal.’

It made us both stand there and laugh. We did not for even a second consider buying the sign as we are a far from the normal couple. The word normal could not be further from the truth when you look at us and our families.

It just made us laugh at the people who would buy it. Is it meant as a joke or was it any instructional sign to place right above the doorway and to be preached as you walked through the threshold into the normal world.

Who wants to be normal? Normal is not exciting, it is not fun, it is not pushing the boundaries and seeing what is just around the corner. Normal is planning every minute of your day, just to make sure that you do not do anything which could conceivably be considered to be abnormal.

Let’s go and walk the dog, but I must make sure that the man stands on the road side of the path, as that is considered normal. Really? Do people generally think like this anymore? Because this was the normal attitude in the early 20th Century. The man was there to protect the woman from the dangers and splashes of the traffic.

Normal is boring, normal is fitting in with what everyone else is doing and pretending that you are enjoying it. Normal is not being true to yourself and it is not knowing what you want to do.

If you want to go and juggle whilst riding a unicycle in the park, go enjoy and have fun. If you want to put chicken, jam and Marmite in a sandwich and then eat it all in one huge bite, please do it, just make sure you share this with everyone else on Twitter, we’d love to see the new normal.

The sign made us aware of how un normal we are and how proud we are to not fit in with the crowd and much we enjoy not being normal like everyone else.