How Much is Data Recovery?

Thanks to modern technological innovations and more than four decades of experience, the technicians at Data Recovery Specialists are pleased to offer our restoration services if you have lost important information or in the event that an operating system has been corrupted. One of the most important (and understandable) questions in regards to our services involves how much this type of process costs. Let us take a quick look at how we calculate the price of the recovery as well as how the individual assessment process works.

How Much is Data Recovery?: The Flexible Approach

It is often difficult to determine the cost of a recovery project from a broad perspective. This is due to the fact that the steps required will naturally vary between storage devices. Let’s look at this notion from another perspective in another way so that you can appreciate why we have adopted a malleable pricing package.

Imagine for a moment that the boiler within your home has suddenly broken down for no apparent reason. Of course, it will be difficult to diagnose the problem without the help of a trained technician. Smaller issues such as a broken pilot light can normally be replaced on the spot. However, a failed thermocouple represents a more in-depth project. The cost of the associated repairs will obviously vary between these two tasks.

The same holds true in regards to data recovery. This is why it is first important for us to understand the symptoms that you are experiencing before we are capable of providing a clear price. Having said this, the approximate price associated with recovering lost data from a hard drive will often fall between £200 and £600 pounds (depending upon the system, the type of loss and any additional donor components that may be required).

No-Obligation Consultations: Providing a Superior Level of Transparency from the Beginning

We want our customers to be confident with our services from the beginning. This is why Data Recovery Specialists are happy to provide a no-obligation consultation. Users will send in the associated media and our team will determine the root problem. We will then be able to provide an accurate cost calculation. Even after this step, the customer still has the right to cancel the process free of charge (assuming that there were no special return methods requested).

In the event that the client is satisfied with the consultation and the associated fees, the recovery process itself will thereafter begin. The assessment will include a list of all files that are able to be recovered. In the rare instance that a full recovery is not ensured, fees would be split so that the end user is not responsible for covering the costs of irreparable data loss.

If you would like to learn more or to receive a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay, please use our online price calculator. You can then speak with a representative to begin the recovery process itself.