Could You Be House Hopping Your Way Around the World?

There has been a rise in housesitting opportunities across the world recently, with many websites dedicated to connecting the perfect match of empty home and willing sitter. Some offer a space to stay whilst owners travel, and others look for opportunities to trade with another.

Whilst it obviously carries its own risks, trusting a stranger within your property or being responsible for someone else’s home, you could also reap the benefits. Trading with another in America or Singapore could give you the chance to see the world for just the price of the airfare.

Taking on a Challenge Together

It was a normal phone call from my sister. We just talked about the normal stuff which had happened in our week and then she asked if I wanted to join her. Of course the answer was going to be yes. If she needed some help, I would be the first to step up to the plate and help her out. Then she told me what she wanted help with and I instantly regretted my instinctive reaction.