The Best Interior Design Tricks For Small Homes And Apartments

According to The Guardian, the number of flat sharers in their 40s has risen dramatically of late.  Those of us with small homes but a yearning for a pleasant, personalised living space might feel restricted, but here are some tips and tricks for maximising the design potential of your mini abode.     

How to Enjoy Your Garden in the Winter Months

A garden is a wonderful place to take time out and relax, and no matter the size of your available space, it is only natural that you want to make the most of it. A nice patio, for example, is a great addition to a small flat or house, and in the summer months you can take in what little sun we get in the UK and enjoy it! The garden is also a great place for socialising; you might throw a party or enjoy a barbecue, and invite friends and family to join you for some food and a few drinks, but wouldn’t it be great if you could also do this during the colder months of the year?

Why Choose Bali For Your Wedding & Honeymoon?

Tropical island wedding bliss in Bali

Most people would only dream of celebrating their wedding on a remote tropical island, seeing the crystal clear waters, hearing the gentle ocean waves and feeling sand between their toes. These wonderful dreams are reality to hundreds of romantic couples who decide to tie the knot on the stunning island of Bali each year. Bali offers limitless options to couples who want to celebrate their special day in paradise. This island stands out from many of the other Indonesian regions, it has a certain sense of peace and tranquility, everywhere you turn you see the beaming white smiles of local people, who are usually occupied with arranging beautiful Hindu offerings to the Gods. You smell the wonderful aromas of incense wafting through the air and all around you mother nature is truly alive. The island vibe is just right for wedding celebrations, so spiritual and romantic all at the same time. With such a diverse landscape, Bali offers couples many options when it comes to wedding locations.

How To Securely Erase A Hard Drive

People are increasingly storing more and more of their lives on hard drives, SD cards, mobile phones and tablets. Whether it’s family photos, financial and bank details or identification scans, most of our drives contain data that we don’t want to get out there. If you’re getting a new hard drive, it can be tempting to delete everything on the old one, and then sell it. But unless you securely erase it, your files may still be accessible, meaning an old drive can be a goldmine for cyber criminals. Simply performing a standard format will not do. So how do you ensure nobody can access your hard drive’s data?

Chasing The Smell

There are certain things that make you notice people. The office is full of lively and charismatic characters, but there is always one feature you would be able to describe on a person.

I work in the same pod as Skater Tom, he looks like a skater and is called Tom. It is the most unimaginative nickname you could ever think of but it is perfect. If you ask anyone in our whole organisation who Skater Tom is, they would be able to tell you.

Your Summer Healthy BBQ Tips and Tricks

With summer finally upon us, everyone’s looking forward to getting to show off their hard work in the gym (and the kitchen). However, with the warm weather, the parties and the barbeques in full swing, it can be easy to undo all that hard work. Well fear not, as you can still kick back and enjoy yourself this summer, all whilst looking great, and feeling better! We’ve got this incredible Healthy BBQ Guide courtesy of the folks over at Discount Supplements to keep you on track this summer. Whether you feel like getting your gains in with protein bars, chicken breasts or even cocktails, we’ve got you covered this season!

Could You Be House Hopping Your Way Around the World?

There has been a rise in housesitting opportunities across the world recently, with many websites dedicated to connecting the perfect match of empty home and willing sitter. Some offer a space to stay whilst owners travel, and others look for opportunities to trade with another.

Whilst it obviously carries its own risks, trusting a stranger within your property or being responsible for someone else’s home, you could also reap the benefits. Trading with another in America or Singapore could give you the chance to see the world for just the price of the airfare.