The Perfect Summer Ice Cream

When the sun is out and the summer weather is at its peak, there is nothing better than having a cold drink in one hand and an ice cream in the other. There is something extremely satisfying about licking the ice cold treat and even occasionally watching a drip slowly making its way down the cone towards your hand.

It immediately chills you from the inside out and reminds you of the endless summers which we used to love as children. It was an age when within six weeks, we could forget what a normal routine was all about and just pretend that we were always going to love these long and hot days.

There is a pecking order in the ice cream world. There are the ones which immediately come to the tip of the tongue as soon you think about them. It seems like you can not even start to think about any kind of ice cream without the 99 jumping to the top of the list.

It is the stereotypical ice cream in a cone which we would all draw as children. The pastry coloured cone and a white whippy top is a classic staple of cartoon drawers and children alike. There is a reason for this as well. It is one of the most loved ice creams available. Every single Mr Whippy ice cream van will serve you the delights of a 99 with a flake. They might be charging more than the old 99p, after which it was named, but they are worth every penny.

The modern trend in ice creams is to cover them in chocolate. Think of any high-class ice cream, a Magnum, Feast, Fab, Drumstick or even a Cornetto. We can not think of a single reason why this doesn’t make the whole package better.

We love chocolate, we love ice cream and we absolutely love the combination of the two. The Magnum is the king of the chocolate covered ice cream. There is an almost endless variety to make sure that you can find the one which perfectly suits your taste buds. The triple chocolate, Almond, White Chocolate, Coconut, Raspberry and even Peanut Butter.

Who could want more than that? Well, there’s the lolly pop brigade, but we just aren’t a fan of them. They offer little in reward compared to the taste sensation an ice cream offers.

So, what is the perfect ice cream on a summer’s day? Well, if you were to ask me, it is all about location. If I am out in the park and there happens to be an ice cream van, then anything they are selling is the perfect ice cream as far as I am concerned.

If I happen to be at home and have a fridge full of Feasts, then the perfect ice cream is very definitely going to be a Feast.

It’s all about which ice cream I can get in my hands and my tongue onto quickest. That’s the perfect summer ice cream.