How To Plan A Big Surprise Birthday Party

Springing a pleasant surprise on a friend, relative or loved one can provide much joy for both you and the recipient. However, if their birthday is coming up and it is an entire party that you want to spring as a surprise, planning that party while keeping the preparations concealed can be tricky.

Naturally, it would be a pity if an especially exciting surprise party was inadvertently revealed ahead of time. Here are some ways of preparing the party in the right way.

Recruit someone to help with the preparations

Preserving the secrecy of party elements as you plan them is not entirely beyond your lone capabilities, but it would be much easier if someone else helped you along the way.

It would be especially beneficial if this helper did not reside at the guest of honour’s home, as this would ease the off-site storage of party supplies, says Everyday Health. This person could also serve as a point of contact for invitees and so further help to keep the intended party a secret.

Devise an overarching theme for the party

What do you think the guest of honour would like in a party? The answer can guide you as you come up with the party’s theme. For example, if the guest of honour has a fondness for Gallic fashion or cuisine, the event could take place at Château Bouffémont, our luxurious private venue near Paris.

Upon entering the venue for the first time, the birthday boy or girl is sure to react with delight to the fine fabrics that adorn this stone-built residence for hire, which is also suitable for fashion exhibitions.

Plan the party around a routine

To continue with the above example, if the party has a strong French theme tying in with the planned recipient’s interests, that person may soon be planning their own trip to Paris.

This would provide you with a golden opportunity to book our Château Bouffémont in France. As the date of the person’s intended departure approaches, you can busily plan the party. To reach the venue, they would only need to make a 20-minute journey from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Figure how out to get them to the party venue

At this point, you might be wondering how you could coax the person into visiting our château at the right time if, as is very probable, they do not already intend to do so.

The Kitchn says that you should assess your ability to tempt the person into making that visit. You could find luring them easier if you tell them about many of the biggest draws of spending time at Château Bouffémont – such as our spectacular manicured gardens and fairytale architecture.

Prevent decorations being seen from the outside

As the guest of honour approaches our beautiful building, they could look at the windows and catch sight of the decorations that you have set out on the inside. Such items of decoration as floating helium balloons and flowing crepe paper, although they are nice complements to our refined interior decor, should be suitably hidden in advance.

Combine these tips, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to hold a truly memorable party for your friend, relative or loved one that is also a genuine surprise!