Plan For Family Fun

I’ve just come back from a great day out with my dad. We headed to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, saw some old cars, saw some very fast cars and saw a few famous racing drivers. It was a hugely enjoyable day out.

In case you can’t tell, the tone of my voice right now is one of pure surprise. Five years ago, this would have been the last thing on my calendar. Not because I don’t like cars or racing drivers but because I didn’t want to spend that much time with my dad.

We hadn’t had any big arguments but just weren’t that close. We rarely spent much time just the two of us and didn’t have any plans to change this. Then I moved further away from home and it all changed.

I started to have to make plans to go and see my family. We had to plan in advance that I was going over or that we would meet up somewhere. This created a whole new dynamic in our relationship.

I started to look through the year and think when I could spend time with my sisters, when I could take my mum out and when I could take my dad somewhere.

I started to plan things that I didn’t particularly want to go to, but I knew they would. So I took my mum off to food festival for people with Wheat issues. We spent the whole day exploring all the new foods and brands which she could now eat. The kitchen cupboards got filled and my credit card was obliterated. It was a great day.

Then I went to the Eden project with one of my sisters. I’ve wanted to go for years and just never got around to it. I asked her where she was working and within seconds we had decided to spend the weekend down in Cornwall and to head over to the Eden Centre. We spent an absolutely brilliant weekend together with her partner. The three of us enjoying everything that Cornwall had to offer and even a little bit of sunshine when it decided to show itself.

So then it came to thinking about what to do with my Dad. What do you do with the man who just wants to do nothing but write emails all day long? He volunteers for a local charity and he now gets hundreds of emails every day, which he loves to answer. So I wanted to take him away from the computer and away from the emails.

A day looking around a stately home and the grounds was right at the top of the list, then I knew that Goodwood was coming up soon. The two are a perfect combination for us, so why would we not go? It was the perfect combination.

So my life changed when I moved further away from home. I got closer to my parents and I got to spend even more time with them than before.