Reward Yourself With The Perfect Bath at Home!

It is really rewarding to have that long, tranquil bath after a long day’s work. What could be more invigorating than spending an undisturbed hour or two in a bath, listening to relaxing music and sipping your favorite wine? But normally when you get home, you just take a quick shower and then go to bed.

This is why most people are always looking forward to spending their vacations at a hotel just to experience a luxurious bath. But, often due to budget or time limitations, this remains a dream. But what if you could bring that hotel-like vibe to your home? It is a good thing that the freestanding bath is making a comeback in these modern times. These were particularly popular during the Victorian Era and will definitely add comfort and tranquility to every bath time.

If you are contemplating having your own freestanding bath at home, there is a bath material that will surely fit your taste and budget. Here are some of the options that you can consider:

  • Acrylic. This material is one of the most commonly used for baths because of its versatility and affordability. If you want a bath that is easy to clean, this one is for you. Acrylic is warm to the touch and is pleasing to the eye. It won’t get mildew easily and it won’t break.
  • Plastic. This material is less prone to chipping but can be scratched easily. It handles heat well so you can enjoy a long, warm bath. Plastic is affordable and easy to clean as well.
  • Fibreglass. There are a lot of designs available made of fibreglass and most of them are gel-coated ones. Although this material is easy on the eye and lightweight, it is susceptible to mould, stains and mildew. It can also fade easily, so meticulous maintenance is highly necessary.
  • Metal. This heavy material may be a costly choice because it is made from high end metals such as enamelled cast iron, porcelain, nickel or copper but this can add a unique touch to your bathroom. It may be crack and chip resistant but can be difficult to clean and can’t retain so much heat.
  • Resin. Resin is a high quality composite material and also lightweight. It is perfect for bathrooms that cannot handle heavy baths such as those of metal and stone. Another advantage is that resin requires only low maintenance, and it is scratch and mould resistant.

You don’t have to go far or spend on a hotel vacation to get that luxurious bath. You just have to consider the perfect material that will complement your budget and way of life and install a perfect freestanding bath.