See An Instagram-Ready Smile Every Day With These Dental Treatment Tips

That pesky Instagram, it seems, has a lot to answer for. Yes, it’s a lot of fun to use the image-sharing platform to let everyone know what you’ve been up to, whether that’s catching your favourite band at Glastonbury, working on a new painting or… well, anything else within reason, really. 

However, all of those selfies on Instagram can make us rather self-conscious about our smiles. Perhaps you’ve only just noticed a certain chip in your tooth, or your chocolate-nibbling habits have taken their toll. With the following treatments, you can get your Instagram-worthy smile back. 


There was once a time when only the likes of models and actresses would invest in veneers for perfecting already impressive teeth. However, with the ‘influencer’ scene having taken off on Instagram, significant wealth no longer necessarily comes as standard with fame.

As a result, Instagram influencers have felt the pressure to resort to veneers, as The Atlantic details. The beauty influencer Huda Kattan, for example, has chosen porcelain veneers, which are now much more popular than they were even just a decade ago.

Whether your teeth are of a disconcerting size or shape or, quite simply, don’t look ‘Hollywood standard’, porcelain veneers can help.


If your dental hygiene is poor, this can evidence itself in various ways, such as with gingivitis, an infection that inflames your gums and so makes them redden and swell, says the Daily Mail. It’s your body’s natural reaction to harmful bacteria building up beneath the gum-line. 

However, what if you’ve caught up with your dental hygiene practices just a little too late, and ended up with advanced tooth decay or even tooth loss? Dentures have traditionally been a remedy for this problem, and still are – but these days, you might also want to consider…


Much hype has surrounded the increased viability of dental implants. Key to their appeal is that they essentially allow you to get a ‘smile in a day’. Implants are artificial teeth that, during treatment, are fitted to the bone behind the gums – a process that can take just seven hours.

The surgical process, performed under a general anaesthetic, involves the dental surgeon initially removing any teeth that are beyond saving. Then, the surgeon will move aside the gum, drill a socket into the underlying bone and attach implants comprising a titanium framework.


Such is the nature of Instagram, the site could lead you to easily pick up on even subtle imperfections in your teeth. Maybe some of your teeth have got out of their natural alignment, even to the extent where you fear Instagram followers potentially mocking you for your not-quite-straight teeth.

It’s a genuine possibility, sadly – but a range of orthodontic treatments can help you to straighten your teeth. Whether you would like removable invisible braces like Invisalign, Clarity braces with components matching the colour of your teeth, or a different solution, these remedies can be surprisingly accessible – such as through providers of orthodontics in London.