Should You Switch To A Gas Cooker?

When it comes to choosing the right cooker for your kitchen, there are a few choices to make. The stand-alone cooker range is now so large that you have to have some idea of what you want to buy before you even head into the store. Many people opt for a gas cooker in their new kitchen, whilst some still for the electric option. Both have their merits and we’ve discussed these here.

Yes – Gas cookers are better

If you have always cooked on a gas cooker, your initial foray into the electric world will immediately show you the differences.

The first thing you will notice, is that whilst you are using less power in an electric cooker, the power is costing you more. Each unit of electricity is that much more expensive than gas, that even though it is more efficient, the average user will spend twice as much per year on powering an electric cooker.

Gas hobs give you instant control over the temperature and allow you to react to what you are cooking. As soon as you turn the dial on a gas hob, the flame reacts and your food feels the impact. An electric cooker takes time to heat up or cool down the hob plate and this means that they are much less responsive to your needs.

Fitting a gas cooker is just as easy as an electric one, if you use the right people. Gas Cooker Installations are not overtly complicated procedures and should not be a factor in your decision-making process.

No – There are better options available

If you are not worried about the money saving aspects of a gas cooker, then you could look at installing an Aga in your home. The principle of the Aga is simple, in that it will run all day and all night, you never turn it off. This allows it to heat your home and be your primary cooking option.

With gas being an unsustainable energy source, there might be better reasons to switch to an electric cooker. If you were to switch your whole house over to electricity for all your energy needs, you could invest in solar panels, air-source heat pumps and even utilise large energy store batteries. This would be the most environmentally way to power your home and would greatly reduce your impact on environment.

Many of us design our kitchens to be highly aesthetically pleasing. The fridges are hidden behind cupboard doors, handles have been replaced by push-to-open mechanisms and even bins have been incorporated into the kickboards. This means that many people will want a smooth, wipe clean, cooker top. Gas rings which protrude the surface of the hob, are not everyone’s cup of tea. This comes down to personal taste.

In truth it is all about your personal preferences and your needs. There is no one answer which will work for everyone. Have a look around your kitchen, your budget and the available resources, then chose the cooker which ticks all of your boxes.