Take the Cheap Route Without Looking Like You Are Penny Pinching

There is nothing wrong with penny-pinching unless it directly affects your social life. For example, buying somebody a drink in a cheap bar, and then saying they owe you one when you get into an expensive bar is not good. Plus, getting somebody a Mars bar for their birthday when they bought you a jumper is also not good. However, there are often ways to take the cheap route without people knowing.

Don’t Buy Paper Towels

Nobody likes mopping up grease with a regular dishcloth because it becomes instantly filthy and need to wash it. However, buy a few cheap dishcloths, and throw them in the bath or bathroom sink for a few days before you wash them. They become fairly nasty, but it is nothing your washing machine cannot handle. This is far cheaper than buying paper towels.

Don’t Buy Anything Without Looking for New Customer Benefits First

Stay clear of credit cards, even though they do have the best starting bonuses. Still, most online services and online sellers have new customer discounts and perks. Don’t rush in to buy a product when there are other companies that may offer a starting customer discount.

A good example is video games. You can buy the disc version of a game from many different stores. So, pick the game you want, and then go online looking for sellers. Find one that you haven’t bought from before and that offers starter discounts and sign up with them to buy it. Obviously, check around all of them and look for the cheapest price. The no deposit bonus websites also have some very tasty starter deals you can exploit.

Sell Before You Buy

This philosophy is not just valid for cars, you can do it with most of your household stuff. Even things like your broken washing machine can be sold for parts, which helps offset some of the money you spend on buying a new one. There are plenty of websites that buy broken appliances, so do not fork out on having the council or a man with a van come and dispose of your appliance when you can usually sell your broken appliance to companies that will strip it for parts.

Buy Unlabelled Stuff From Companies Like Primark

So long as you cannot see the logo on a piece of clothing, it is often difficult to tell where you got it from. A pair of jogging bottoms from a budget store like Primark look just like the ones from New Look, Marks & Spencer, and so forth. The only way people will notice this difference is if somebody is wearing an Adidas labelled shirt from the market, but Adidas is spelt incorrectly.

Sell Your Unwanted Media

How many books, CDS, DVDs, and old phones are cluttering up space in your house? Sell them online to websites like Ziffit and Music Magpie. You many only receive small amounts for some items but it’s a great way to recycle unwanted stuff and earn a little extra cash. And you gain back some space in your home.