The Best Day of The Summer

I have just spent the best day of my summer sat out in our garden. The weather wasn’t particularly brilliant, but it didn’t rain. The garden was mowed last weekend, but it could do with another cut. Even the flowers which I planted last year have come out and are showing their colours, but they could do with a bit of water right now.

It was not any one of these three aspects which made my day today. It wasn’t anything about the garden or the weather which made me feel like this was the best day of the summer and probably the best day of the year.

It was about what we did in the garden. Or even more specifically who we did it with in the garden. You see my sister brought her kids around for mine to play with today. It was the first play date they have had in a few months as we don’t live that close to each other.

We sat and chatted and gossiped about everything under the sun, whilst all the time we watched as our children built a fort out of old boxes and bed sheets. It was the completely typical badly constructed, no thought about the rain or guttering, of which kids tend to build. An extension was quickly added on when they discovered that there wasn’t enough room for all of them to sit down and have lunch in their fort.

It was the sort of day which when we were children we thought we would love to have as adults. All of our children getting on and playing together, we sat watching and not having a care in the world.

We had a snack, a little BBQ later on and then a few cupcakes to finish the day off. Food and drink we secondary thoughts to having a good catch-up. Our other halves managed to talk about cars, Formula 1 and the cycling all day long, so they were pretty content.

This is what a garden is meant to be. It is just another room of the house which happens to be outside and happens to be designed as a play room. It is meant to be run around in. You can spill your drinks and not worry about it. You can drive hundreds of pegs into the ground to hold the walls of your fort upright. The garden is the ultimate utilitarian room.

The best thing about the garden is that you don’t have to hover up and worry about the mess. Rain and the wind take care of most things and everything else just soaks into the ground.

This was the best day of my month and probably my summer, the weather was average, the food was alright but the company was top notch and I would have changed a single minute of it.