Things You Can Do To In Your Down Time

Most of us work relentlessly to try and earn enough money to have a good life and have the ability to do nothing later in life. Stepping down from the treadmill of life, after all you knew how to do is being busy with kids, work, home, friends and not having that free time to yourself, is daunting to some of us and could after a while become boring. 

What can you turn to when you have nothing to do?

There is no doubt in the fact that it is extremely difficult to switch from hectic and stressful life of parent to a me time again when the kids grow up and leave for uni . However, it is mind over matter and discovering a new you could be an exciting and exhilarating experience. 

  • Reading: For most of us, books are a luxury you take on holiday with you, and maybe get to read a few chapters between watching your kids in a paddling pool or their mid-day rest. So do embrace the new found love for books. Toy do not have the excuse not to! Books are amazing and are great at transporting you to a parallel existence and transforming your worl.
  • Video Games: This one is a hit especially if you have teenage kids. I have come across some interesting online games recently. Great at passing time and enjoying with your sons and daughters in moderation! My personal favourite is
  • Try to write: It does not matter whether you have the ability to write a novel or not. Or weather you think you’d be any good at it. Just try! You might surprise yourself.
  •  Exercise: People say nothing is better than hitting a gym when you are physically bored. If the idea of being stuck indoors does not appeal to you then take up running or walking. If it’s the classes you are after, then you might like Yoga or Pilates.
  • Draw, Sing, Dance: For the young at heart. Dancing and singing will lift your mood and keep you and your mind in a great shape. You might want to consider joining a dance club or studio, where you go along to a structured dance classes, which are normally followed up by a social gathering. And it is definitely never too late to take up art! Express yourself as much as you like!
  • Gadgets and You: Those who are fascinated with the technology can spend all of the time in the world researching and finding new gadgets online.  There is so much choice on the market and such exciting  times of the digital era we live in, that you would certainly not be bored. You can always read some reviews about new products online at before buying.
  • Cook and Bake: Take up baking! Join a cookery school or if you are an accomplished cook already enroll to join the nation in Great British Bake Off! Or there is always Come Dine with Me!! However, if you are just starting out then read some good recipes which will help you become more confident in the kitchen.