URALCHEM gets the IFA award

The PMU branch of URALCHEM, the holding founded and headed by Dmitry Mazepin, was awarded the gold medal by the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) for being number one in the industry and showing significant results and reliability in production management.

Dmitry Konyaev, Deputy Chairman of URALCHEM’s Board of Directors, received the award from IFA President, Mostafa Terrab. The ceremony took place in Paris during the IFA Strategic Forum. By awarding this medal, IFA promotes the culture of high standards and performance. The companies which receive such an award can boast high level of safety regulations and employees’ awareness as well as the sustainability of resource and environmental policy.

Deputy Chariman, Konyaev, and URALCHEM founder, Mazepin about the holding’s key principles:

As Dmitry Konyaev stated, “This sort of an award indicates high evaluation of the plant’s performance including energy efficiency, sustainability, job security, health protection”. “This is exactly what URALCHEM”, says Dmitry Mazepin, “is after. Constant development and high standards of the manufacturing are the holding’s ultimate goals and key principles”.

The URALCHEM company is a Russian fertilizer producer. Founded in 2007 by Dmitry Mazepin, the enterprise has gradually become the largest manufacturer of ammonium nitrate in the country. The holding’s current policy ensures compliance with both law and environmental safety. Thus, for example, all the facilities are constantly upgraded and inspected, and the investment strategy presupposes considerable attention paid to combatting contamination and dangerous emissions, to ensuring proper waste disposal.

The International Fertilizer Association, founded in 1927, comprises nearly 500 member companies from 68 states including 8 Russian enterprises. The Association claims that its goal is to ensure that efficient agricultural systems help the planet combat hunger and malnutrition in the best possible and sustainable way. The IFA’s activities range from conducting thorough market analysis and providing timely statistical data to educating the public on the importance of fertilizers and providing the international standards and framework of reference regarding the production and use of fertilizers in the agricultural sector. These principles outlined by the IFA are fully entailed by URALCHEM company’s manufacturing policy outlined by its founder, Dmitry Mazepin.

The URALCHEM’s PMU branch was one of the first producers of fertilizers in Russia which was certified by IFA within the program “Protect and Sustain” in 2017. Dmitry Mazepin was the first to put forward this initiative, and one year later there already were over 50 companies in 57 states. These include the leading manufacturers of fertilizers such as Mosaic, Prayon, PotashCorp and YARA. Later in 2019 the plant went through an interim inspection and the validity of its certification was proven.

“Protect and Sustain” is the program which matches all the requirements of international standards of quality and environmental safety. It is industry specific and correlates with the Responsible Care RC 14001 standards and requirements. Dmitry Mazepin ensured that it is internationally recognized that the holding’s fertilizers, technological manufacturing processes and logistics minimize all the possible environmental risks.