What Do You Eat When It Is Hot?

If you are anything like me then you will suffer from this problem for about a quarter of the year. Being lucky enough to live in Britain, we do not have the world’s longest summers so it is only a problem for around two to three months.

I just never feel like eating anything at all. It is too hot for me to cook a real meal. Soup would only heat me up to the point where I am sat around sweating for no reason. A hot plate of chips is rubbish and I can not spend the whole summer just eating salad.

There is no such thing as a great story which starts with the phrase ‘I was eating this salad…’ They are all diet stories and they are all horrendously boring and you only lose the will to listen not any weight.

I’ve tried turning to wraps now. I can grill a piece of chicken and then let it cool down for a while, as I prepare the lettuce and all the trimmings. I can serve this with a nice portion of couscous or a cold rice dish. It works for me. What I need to be doing during these winter months is to get as much cold food into me as possible.

It just allows my body to cool down and not have to worry about heating myself up from the inside.

So I’ve learnt to cook early and let it cool down. It still makes me feel like I’ve had an evening meal. It still looks like a normal evening meal to my eyes and smells like one to my nose, so I can trick my stomach and my brain into enjoying it, despite the heat outside.

One of my current favourite solutions is a stuffed grilled pepper. I can grill a bunch of them at a time and then let them all cool down. I can cook some bolognese mix or a chicken mix or just some stir-fried vegetables. This then gets packed into the chilled grilled pepper and I freeze a bunch at a time.

It makes the whole cooking phase quick and simple by doing it in bulk, then all I have to do is to get it out of the freezer and let it defrost over the day in the fridge. When I get home from a hard day at the office, I have a whole meal waiting for me and I have not had to even lift a finger.

Eating cold foods in the evening has become the only option for me during these hot days. I just suffer in the heat, so if I can get anything cold into my body, then I consider that a huge win.