What Do You Expect When You’re Invited to the Races?

So we have had a few really good months at work recently. When I say really good, I mean really, really good. We have managed to iron out a lot of issues in our processes and have now sped up ordering, production, processing and billing. What more could we possibly do?

I do not work in the sort of business where you get a bonus for doing your job well, we have this thing called a salary whereby we are expected to do well and if not then we have a serious chat with the boss. We do not expect to be treated for doing our job well.

Then we were all summoned to the boss’ office for an emergency meeting. When you see nearly twenty people crammed into an office which barely has space for a desk and four chairs, you know this is not a normal meeting. Twenty people from all different departments, but all of whom had had a major push on this project. It had to be related.

Then we got the good news, we were all being taken to the races on Friday instead of coming into work. None of us expected that and none of us really knew what to expect when we went for our reward on the Friday.

What should you wear to the races? All I have ever seen is Ascot and The Grand National. These are the big events where all the men wear Top Hat and Tails and the ladies wear a fancy dress and a nice fascinator. Did we have to do this? I really do not fancy spending a baking hot day walking around in a proper suit and jacket. That is just too much for me.

How are you meant to bet? I have placed bets online before, but I have never had to walk up to a kiosk and hand over my money. What do I say? Are there even kiosks at the race track or is it just they guys on the side of the course shouting out numbers?

Most importantly for me is the final question. How much time do I have to spend with the rest of my work colleagues? I do not work with them every day and I do not really know them except by their name and title. Do I really want to be spending my time with them? Can I just run off to the bar with one of my friends and spend the day drinking away on the company credit card?

I know this might seem like the smallest of concerns to a normal person, but if you work in a business like ours, then you will understand. There are not very many people whom I would describe as normal and most of us do not fit anywhere near this group.

So our day at the races should be fun, if only because I am going to spend the day hiding away from everyone I work with.